Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just some cute pictures!

Some pictures of Miss Lilah this week.

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Yes it is still dark out

Makalei is bussed out of our district for school. Even though it is only 15-20 minutes away, she is on the bus for 90 minutes in the morning and 90 minutes in the afternoon. Daddy brings her out to walk to the bus stop at 6:15 and YES it is still dark out. Thankfully a friend has offered to bring her a few days a week and pick her up an hour later..when the sun is actually up lol

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Be Bopping

Lilah got a new present from her friends Kennedy & Harper..her very own BOPPY! Now she doesnt look like she is enjoying it at all does she?

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Monday, August 25, 2008

My how she has grown!

First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of First Grade

First Day of Second Grade

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Could she be any happier?

Or DROOL any more??

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Food of the Gods

As we always have, the night before Makalei starts school, we let her choose whatever she would like for a special dinner. And as she always does, she chose Salmon. Though last night, she wanted Daddy to make her Salmon Sushi. Of course Mom & Dad benefited with some tuna & shrimp sushi as well! Makalei only likes her sushi with cooked fish so Daddy obliged and she devoured it. For dessert she chose home-made milkshakes. I dont know who was happier, her or me!
We ate at our makeshift table...the interim one until I find one we dont hate. We put Kyles beautiful bar out on the front porch so now we are in the market for a nice, family sized table that is not circa 1968.

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Look she comes!

Third Grade at last~
Makalei was really nervous last night so she had trouble falling asleep but she still managed to get up on time and get ready for her big day. She has had her outfit chosen for weeks...Monkeys head to toe (and don't forget the skull socks too!). She complained that her shoes didn't fit (as she does every other day) even though she had just tried them on the week before and they were a size too big. I told her either she was wearing them or she was paying me for them but either way, I didnt want to hear another word about them. SURPRISE, they suddenly fit.

Daddy met us at school since he had already been at work for two hours (poor Daddy!) so we all had breakfast together. Now there is no doubt Makalei is my child because while standing perfectly still in line with her breakfast, she somehow manages to dump the whole damn plate on the floor. She instantly looked like she was going to burst into tears. I was SO glad I was there because if not, she may have never stepped foot in the cafeteria again. (I used my better judgement and decided that it probably wasn't a good idea to take a picture of the food on the floor - Go Mom!) we replenished the plate and all was well with the world once again.

We walked her to class and she found her seat..right next to a boy she loathes. I intentionally asked the teacher not to sit her next to her friend Monica because they will never shut up. But I have a feeling being next to this boy will be short lived, she will see to that lol.

Well it is exactly 6.5 hours until the bus brings her home. anyone want to place a wager on whether she "lost" her shoes?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Plain Lovely

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Diaper Doooooodie

Yep...she even changes diapers! ("pee only mom!")

Lilah starts to look worried because this diaper change has lasted hours...or so it seems lol

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Doo Rag?

What does Daddy know anyway??
Lilah wore Mommys favorite Naartjie set, complete with a headscarf and Daddy asked "what's with the doo rag?"

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Lounging with Auntie

Now if you ask Makalei...Mommys sister Brandy is not her "Auntie"
Auntie Dew is her Auntie and Brandy is "just Brandy".
So Lilah decided to take advantage of the opportunity to kiss up to Brandy and secure her spot as her "Auntie"

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Careful what you wish for...

All I wanted was a nice peaceful shower...I asked Makalei to keep an eye on Lilah while I had a speed shower. When I got out I discovered Makalei in the "fort" she had built in her room. She had Lilah all nestled inside with every pillow and blanket that we own. Lilah was a willing participant in Makaleis real live dolly project.

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