Friday, September 26, 2008

Here doggy doggy

Just had to get some pics of her drooly self in this adorable Janie & Jack doggy set!

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Goodies for Grandparents

Today was "Goodies For Grandparents" Day at Makaleis school. Such a smiley, happy child, isn't she?

Daddy did manage to get an early morning smile out of her
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Hey..where is my guitar?

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Little Red Riding..Beret

Thanks Ella & Miss Laurie for the great new duds!! I am loving my hat & shoes!

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25 weeks old!

Just a few more days and our little peanut will be six months old! Can it really be already?

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A better kind of bottle

NOOOOOOO we didn'tlet her drink it!
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Show me the MONEY!

Not too exciting..we let her touch the mortgage money before it floated away at the speed of light as it always does. Left her perplexed as to where the money had gone and why this blanket was on her head....

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Where has the time gone?

Together EIGHTEEN YEARS TODAY!! Sunday will be our 12 year wedding anniversary. Funny how time just escapes you.

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I moved Lilahs PortaCrib into the kitchen/dining area to try to contain her somewhere where she will not give herself a concussion, eat pet food or otherwise perform acts that are un-ladylike. Makalei affectionately refers to it as "Baby Prision". Love the Naartjie outfit from Mary too!

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Perfecting the pose

Lilah is getting very good at sitting up all alone!

Yep, she is a real natural...

Not a care in the world, pure perfection...

Umm well uh, maybe she needs a little work...

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Monday, September 22, 2008

What do you think?

The first 2 pics are Lilah at *almost* 6 months. The second 2 are Makalei at a year :)

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